Review: My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask


Hi everyone!!

First of all, I’m so sorry for being a bit MIA lately! I had the flu and it was so bad I couldn’t go to work or do anything other than stay in bed and blow my nose every other minute. Afterwards I had so many things to catch up on that I simply didn’t find the time to blog. Thankfully, things are a lot calmer now and I can finally sit down and write again ūüôā

While I was at home recovering I noticed how bad my skin looked after a few days of being ill. My nose was always red and flaky (and sore) from constantly blowing my nose. My skin tone was uneven, I had deep circles under my eyes and my face was very puffy and dull. So in order to restore my skin back to health as well, I started using regular sheet masks every other day or so.

I had this box of My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle Masks sitting around for some time but hadn’t opened it yet because I was still experimenting with¬†the ones from the Pink Aroma Collection Box. All of a sudden though, the words “chocolate truffle” sounded a lot more¬†tempting than before (maybe because I¬†haven’t been eating much while sick), so I spontaneously decided it was time to give this yummy looking mask a try!

To be honest, I’ve never cared that much about chocolate. I know…shocking, right?!¬†But growing up in Switzerland,¬† chocolate was present all year round, from Easter holidays full of chocolate bunnies (that my parents used to hide around the house for me and my little brother to find¬†on Easter) to Christmas trees decorated with chocolate bells. Because of this,¬†chocolate¬†just doesn’t really appeal to me as much any more. But despite of that,¬†¬†I was still quite intrigued when I found these chocolate truffle flavoured sheet masks at a little shop in London’s Chinatown, because that was something I haven’t seen before. Also, I’m a sucker for cute packaging and the box just looked so adorable and, err…tasty!

IMG_4084IMG_4776This is the description I found online about the mask:

My Beauty Diary Chocolate Truffle Sheet Mask moisturizes and softens the face in 20 minutes. The mask is made of carefully selected, quality cocoa bean extract from the southern part of Caribbean Sea and very precious truffle extract from the northern part of Italy. Cocoa beans give moisturizing and defending power while truffle provides deep nourishment and hydration. The combination makes skin feel very watery, silky and alluring. Beta-Glucan, extracted from the endosperm of oat, together with rice protein, sinks deep into dry skin and continuously moisturizes. In addition, milk protein soothes and moisturizes excellently. The mask quenches the thirst of skin, leaving skin very comfortable, watery and elastic to the touch.

Like other My Beauty Diary masks that I’ve tried, this one comes completely saturated in essence and was soaking wet when I pulled it out of the sachet. In fact, there was so much essence left in the sachet that I continued using it as a night time serum for the next 2 days! Talk about cost efficiency! ūüôā

The mask itself is more on the thin side, but if you handle it carefully it shouldn’t rip when applying/adjusting it.¬†I know it can sometimes be hard to find a mask that fits your face perfectly but this one had a good fit. It wasn’t too big and definitely not too small, and it nicely contoured all sides and angles of my face. Oh, and it smells simply A-MA-ZING! Imagine yourself walking into a posh French patisserie full of freshly baked chocolate truffle cakes. It does make it kind of tempting to eat…but I highly recommend to save it for your face!


The recommended time for this mask is 20 minutes, but I usually leave it on for a bit longer, about half an hour. When using other MBD masks, they were usually still very wet by the time I removed them, but this one pretty much dried after 30 minutes. I believe this is a good thing, since it probably means my skin absorbed it well.

The result was was visibly plumper, smoother and much more even-looking skin. The redness I had around my nose and cheeks was gone and my skin looked a lot healthier than before. Upon patting the leftover essence in, my skin also felt more “bouncy” and firm, which I assume is an effect of soaking up all that moisture. Pretty amazing result for 30 minutes treatment!

Here’s my overall opinion about it:


  • Smells divine
  • Amount of serum is just right; not too drippy but enough for 30 minutes use
  • Absorbs nicely; doesn’t leave skin feeling tacky afterwards
  • Extra serum left in sachet can be used for the next few days
  • Does what it promises and really moisturises & plumps up skin


  • Sheet mask is not very resilient and should be¬†handled carefully

Honestly, this sheet mask is probably one of my favourites! I would highly recommend this to people with dry skin who are looking for a quick hydrating and soothing solution. The fact that it smells so nice and delivers what it promises just makes it a very nice, almost spa-like experience whenever I use it, and I find myself looking forward to going home from work for this guilt-free sweet treat!

Have you tried any My Beauty Diary masks? Which one is your favourite? Make sure to let me know in the comments below!

Have a beautiful day and thanks for reading :*



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