Making the Most of a Sick Day

Uugh. Finally, it’s weekend…and I’m sick.

My throat feels as if I just swallowed a handful of desert sand, and whenever I try to speak the sound that comes out resembles a dying crow more than a human being. Yepp, I don’t think I’ll make it more than a couple of meters from bed this weekend :/

Weekends are two wonderful days where we can switch off our alarms in the morning, go out and explore the city, do some chores, or party until the morning…there are so many options! But, because we lead such busy lifestyles, two days are sometimes not enough, and come Sunday night we haven’t really taken a moment to take a breath and concentrate just on ourselves.

Being ill, on the other hand, forces you to rest and take things slowly. While it’s not exactly a pleasure, it can be a good opportunity to transform a “sick day” into a “me day”. Not only do you get the rest you need, you’ll also be doing something for your mind and body (because you don’t have to look as crappy as you feel) and keeping yourself busy because – let’s be honest – just staying in bed all day is boring.

So, below I’ll show you the items I used for a sick day spa session:



1. Ettusais Peeling Milk

2. Freeman Dead See Minerals Facial Anti-Stress Mask

3. Julia Lawless pure rose water

4. Sheet Mask – Nature Garden Cucumber Mask

Let’s start with the facial! 🙂 I don’t like wasting my precious sheet masks, so I always ensure my skin is prepped to get the maximum benefit from the mask. This is a lot easier if your skin is smooth and your pores are clean.

I usually start with a gentle exfoliator to get rid of dead skin. I love using Ettusais Peeling Milk because it’s so quick and convenient to use and immediately brightens up the skin. After that, I use a clay mask to really deep cleanse skin and get all that trapped oil and impurities out. I’m using Freemans Dead See Minerals Anti-Stress Mask, which has an awesome blue/green colour and smells beautifully of essential oils. I leave this mask on for about 10 minutes, until it’s just dry, but not too dry as to make my skin feel uncomfortable and tight. This way it’s also much easier to wash off without rubbing and tugging the skin as much.

After washing the clay mask off, I like to spritz a bit of pure rose water on my face to hydrate and soothe, and also because the smell has a calming therapeutic effect. After patting it in for a few minutes, I’m finally ready for the sheet mask!

I can’t express in words how much I love sheet masks. They’re mess-free to use, usually smell amazing and are so effective! It’s so nice to just lay down in bed or on the couch with a cooling sheet mask on while reading a good book or watching your favourite program on TV.



1. Fresh large egg

2. Greek Yogurt

3. Organic, raw, cold-pressed coconut oil (you might need to warm it up since it’s in a solid state)

Every weekend, I mix together a potent protein mask for my hair. Proteins are vital for your hair; they restore moisture, shine and smooth the cuticle of the hair, making it stronger and more resilient. Sadly, most protein treatments that are available on the market tend to be quite pricey and contain way too many unnecessary chemicals in them.

So instead, I take some time on the weekend to make my own protein mask with only 3 ingredients that are super cheap and usually easy to find in the kitchen: eggs, yogurt and an oil. I’m using coconut oil in this case, but you can use whatever oil you have at home, like olive, avocado or jojoba for example. Just mix them together (use both yolk and egg white) into a uniform paste and apply starting from the scalp and going down the lengths, until all your hair is coated. The mask can be a bit messy and drip in the beginning, so it might be a good idea to cover your hair with either a plastic cap or a towel. I recommend leaving the mask for at least an hour, though I usually tend to leave it even longer than that while doing chores around the house or just relaxing.

Additional items to relax and make you feel good 🙂


1. Mochi & Snacks

2. Cup of tea

2. A good book

So, with my hair wrapped up in a mighty protein mask and face plumped and smooth, it’s time to get comfortable with a good book and some yummy snacks. If you didn’t know, I love reading manga and I’m totally into this one called “Tiara” at the moment. Normally, I enjoy eating healthy food and exercising regularly, but on days like this, it’s also important to give yourself a break and indulge a little, which is why I got some delicious mochi (a Japanese snack made of glutinous rice, usually with a sweet bean filling), but anything that lifts your mood and makes you happy works! 🙂

After giving giving myself a facial, treating my hair and relaxing with some snacks and a good read, I usually follow up with a long, hot bath and try to have an early night, so I can look and feel better the next day. All these little rituals keep me busy and distract me during the day so I don’t feel like I’m just stuck at home doing nothing. And it’s so much more fun than just staying in bed!

So yeah, this is how spent my sick day. Not feeling well during the weekend can be annoying, but always try to see an opportunity and make the best of your situation, whether it’s catching up on a book, writing, sorting out your closet or just pampering yourself. It will definitely help you feel better!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend ❤


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